Short Shot: HB131 - Rep. Moody's Disguised Firearms Confiscation Bill


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Rep. Joe Moody’s HB131: “Extreme Risk Protective Orders”

A fraud on unsuspecting Texans

Before getting into a detailed analysis of Representative Moody’s HB 131, it must be noted that Moody attempted to pass a similar bill during the 2017 Texas legislative session. That bill, like this Bill, was so bad that it did not even get a vote in Representative Moody’s own committee. Moody’s 2017 bill was HB 866 and, like his current attempt, was nothing more than a firearms-confiscation bill.


Episode #26: The 2019 Texas Legislative Session

Listen to Episode #26

In this Episode: I discuss  the issues set out in the Show Topics, with a focus on  the bills prefiled for the 2019 Texas Legislative Session.

Show Topics:

  • The impact of the SCOTUS and other federal courts.
  • Impact Democrat control of U.S. House on Second Amendment legislation
  • 2019 Tex. Leg. Session – early filing
  • NRA lawsuit against NY Gov. Cuomo and DFS Superintendent Vulo
  • Q&A: 1) What do bills like HB227 really do? 2) Will constitutional carry pass in 2019. 3) Will a new Speaker of the House mean more pro-gun bills pass; and 4) YouTube channel (again!).

CLICK HERE for detailed bill information.

Episode #25 - The NRA Board of Directors


Listen to Episode #25

In this Episode: I discuss the structure and operations of the NRA Board of Directors as well as the 2018 NRA Board Election.

Show Topics:

  • Purpose and Operation of the NRA Board of Directors
  • The NRA Committee structure, meetings and activities;
  • How the Board of Director candidates get on the ballot;
  • Myths about the NRA Board
  • TFC endorsements for the 2018 NRA Board of Directors Election


Episode #24 - The 2017 Texas Legislative Session - Part 2

Listen to Episode #24

In this Episode: I specific questions about the 2017 Texas Legislative Session

Show Topics:

  • In The Crosshairs: Lessons from the 2017 Texas Legislative Session & Correct to #23
  • In The News: Joe Straus gets “no confidence” vote in his home district
  • Your NRA: Inaccurate Attack on NRA by Marty Hayes re: NRA Carry Guard
  • Women & Guns: Small Guns, Small Caliber v. Effective Self-Defense
  • Guns & Gear: Red Dot Sights on Handguns
  • Today’s Safety Tip: Tap, Rack, Bang: Only in drills and gunfights.
  • Q&A: 1) Is there any difference in self-defense ammo[?]; 2) I saw your upcoming Ham Radio seminar at PSC Shooting Club on July 28th. What’s up with that?


Episode #23 - The 2017 Texas Legislative Session

Listen to Episode #23

In this Episode: I specific questions about the 2017 Texas Legislative Session

Show Topics:

  • In The Crosshairs:Did We Get Shut-Out By the Texas Legislature?
  • In the News: 1) The Executive Director of anti-gun Texas Gun Sense resigns; 2) NRA launches Carry Guard self-defense insurance and Carry Guard Training.
  • Guns & Gear: Reloading – What is realistic in terms of production rate?
  • Today’s Safety Tip: Don’t Let a Squib Load Ruin Your Gun or Your Day!
  • Q&A: 1) Is the “Fines for Signs” law being abused; 2) do you think “Constitutional Carry” will ever pass in Texas; 3) I don’t want to carry my handgun in my purse, but holsters put the grip in my ribs. What is the answer; 4) The LTC license fee goes down to $40 on 9/1/17. Can I take the LTC course before that and still get the lower fee?


Special Edition Episode: Proposed NRA ByLaws Amendment

Listen to Special Edition Episode - Proposed NRA ByLaws Amendments

In this special edition Episode:  Graham Hill and I discuss proposed NRA ByLaws amendments that are presented to the voting Members in the next NRA Magazine.  These changes are critical to protect the NRA from a hostical take-over or bylaw changes by Bloomberg shills.  Without these amendments, millions of voting NRA Members could find their control over the organization stripped away. 

Listen to this podcast and please vote in favor of the bylaw amendments!

Special Edition Episode: Interview With Graham Hill

Listen to Special Edition Episode - Graham Hill

In this special edition Episode: I interview Graham Hill, an attorney, hunter and competitive shooter with whom I have worked on NRA committies and special task forces over the years.  Graham is running for re-election to the NRA Board of Directors.


Episode #22 - Where Can I Take My Gun?

Listen to Episode #22

In this Episode: I discuss Texas law concerning the carrying of firearms.

Show Topics:

  • In The Crosshairs:Where Can I Take My Gun; What Does the Law Say?
  • In The News: 1) Anti-NRA propaganda film, Ms. Sloan is a box office disaster; 2) The Sandy Hook Promise video – propaganda dressed as a PSA; 3) Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co. has cancelled Bud Light ads by anti-gun Amy Schumer.
  • The Texas Legislature: 1) Still pre-filing, session begins in January; 2) call and email your State Rep. regarding signing onto HB560.
  • Your NRA: 1) Support NRA with membership, donations and recruiting friends and family; 2) National reciprocity; 3) Suppressors and the NFA List.
  • Guns & Gear: What constitutes a “good” holster for your handgun?
  • Today’s Safety Tip: It’s Christmas season – beware of thieves, muggers & terrorists
  • Q&A: 1) Can I carry my handgun in church (open or concealed); 2) What gun do you recommend for a small woman with arthritic hands; 3) How should I store my ammunition? 


Episode #21 - What Gun Should I Guy?

Listen to Episode #21

In this Episode: I discuss the selecting a handgun and obtaining firearms training.

Show Topics:

  • In The Crosshairs: What Gun Should I Buy & How Do I Train?
  • In The News: 1) Christmas season package stealing; 2) AG Opinion KP-120 regarding junior college campus-carry.
  • In the Texas Legislature: New segment for Podcasts. SB16 – LTC fee elimination
  • Women & Guns:  1) Fastest growing new gun owner segment in U.S.; 2) Common to see women at range without men; 3) Women taking self-defense firearms classes in growing numbers; 4) More women in defensive handgun matches.
  • The Real Story: The true goal of Texas Gun Sense: It Isn’t Gun Safety
  • Today’s Safety Tip: Securing your firearms
  • Q&A: 1) Are DAO semi-auto pistols safer; 2) I’m trying to decide on a self-defense handgun. Are revolvers more reliable; 3) Is it legal for me to let my 10 year old daughter shoot?



Episode #20 - American Media: Devil or Angel?

Listen to Episode #20

In this Episode:  I discuss the rampant dishonesty of the mainstream media and the importance of Constitutional protections like the First and Second Amendments.

Show Topics:

  • In The Crosshairs: The American Media: Devil or Angel?
  • In The News: 1) IDPA adds Division for pistol caliber carbines (PCC); 2) Anti-Trump riots guised as protests; 3) Anarchists trying to thwart the election with Electoral College
  • Your NRA: Too soon to have detailed reports, but early indications are the NRA swung between 4% and 5% in swing states during the Presidential election.
  • Guns & Gear: Carrying handguns in cold weather. Shooting in cold weather.
  • Q&A: 1) How do NRA Board Members get on different NRA committees; 2) What type of holster do you use for regular carrying; 3) what are the chances that the restricted areas for LTCs will be reduced or eliminated in Texas?


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