Episode #5 - A Culture of Lies

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 In this Episode:

  • Anti-gun organizations' culture of lies
  • Businesses are removing TPC §30.06 signs
  • Women & Guns: Are small .380ACP semi-autos the right guns for women?
  • Another installment of The History of Concealed-Carry in Texas focusing on 2003 legislative session.

In The Crosshairs:

In this episode I discuss the willingness of anti-gun organizations like MOMS Demand Action, Everytown For Gun Sense, Texas Gun Sense and others to knowingly and willingly engage in a campaign of lies about guns, gun owners and gun laws.  Michael Bloomberg is the chief liar followed closely by his cohort Shannan Watts.

Information cited in this episodes' In the Crosshairs:

In the News:

Businesses are removing Tex. Panal Code §30.06 signs as they learn they have been deceived by sign companies and Bloomberg operatives.

History of CHL in Texas:

The 2003 Texas Legislative Session saw the passage of six bills to benefit Texas Conceaeled Handgun Licensees!  It was a banner legislative session that greatly expanded gun rights in Texas. 

Concealed-Carry Bills & Documents Cited in this Episode's History of CHL in Texas:

  • HB 284 by Rep. Dan Ellis (D-Livingston) allows a law-abiding Texan access to a handgun in their RV, travel trailer, or stock trailer without a handgun license.
  • HB 498 by Rep. Carl Isett (R-Lubbock) extends the 50% senior discount for the original CHL to include the renewal fee, thereby lowering the renewal for a person over 60 yrs old from $70 to $35.
  • HB 1704 by Rep. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) to protect the opportunity for non-resident Texans to obtain and keep a Texas concealed handgun license.
  • HB 2086 by Rep. Robert Talton (R-Pasadena) allowing CHLs to carry on property controlled by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).
  • HB 3477 by Rep. Jack Stick (R-Austin)/Sen. Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) transfers theauthority to negotiate CHL reciprocity agreements from the Texas Department of Public Safety to the Attorney General’s office under Greg Abbott.
  • SB 501 by Sen. Ken Armbrister (D-Victoria)/Rep. Hupp (R-Lampasas) corrected a previous AG’s opinion to clarify that only the Texas Legislature has the exclusive authority to determine where a handgun licensee may or may not go with their handgun on publicly owned property. Referred to as CHL Preemption.

Women & Guns:

Small .380ACP semi-auto handguns are becoming very popular with people who have a license to carry a handgun.  Are they the correct pistol for women?

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