False Testimony by President of Texas Chapter of Mom’s Demand Action

Kelly Burke falsely testified that there are no statistics regarding crimes by Texas Concealed Handgun Licensees. That was a real whopper!

Multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg is pouring money into sham organizations in an attempt to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. He has to disguise his efforts by funding different organizations because Americans are tired of his desire to control every aspect of their lives from the amount of soft drinks their kids can drink to denying them access to self-defense handguns.

Kelly Burke, President of the Texas Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, testified under oath (video at the 07:56:50 mark) during public hearings on two gun bills, SB11 (campus-carry) and SB17 (open-carry). Her testimony was to be expected as it was nothing more than a retelling of “blood in the streets” predictions heard when concealed-carry was passed in 1995 and when the Motorist Protection Act was passed in 2007. It was a big yawn moment, right up to the point that she made a blatantly false statement to the committee. Ms. Burke’s false sworn testimony was a real eye-opener because everyone in the room knew it was not true!

She testified that:

We do not know about how quote responsible CHL holders are because that data set is not available and it’s completely locked down. Any statement about how quote responsible and law-abiding CHLs are is completely anecdotal and therefore conjecture.”

Ms. Burke’s statement is demonstrably untrue and she either knew it or should have known it. Prior to the beginning of testimony, Sen. Huffman, Chair of the Committee, read a statement making it clear that everyone who signed up to testify that they were doing so under oath. This admonishment alone should have given Ms. Burke pause, but as can be seen by her demeanor, she was not deterred.

The Texas CHL statute has always required the Texas Dept. of Public Safety to publish certain data on crimes committed by Texas CHL holders. DPS has gone above and beyond the call of duty by publishing all criminal data on CHLs and this information has been available for almost two decades. This data has been analyzed and published on the TexasCHLforum.com also for many years. The analysis is presented both in summary form, per 100,000, as well as in detail for every crime category maintained by DPS.

There is a humorous side to this story. Obviously, Ms. Burke was unaware that it is likely that every Senator on the Committee was already in possession of the DPS statistical data and analysis since it has been proved to them and used in both the Senate and House for several legislative sessions. So every Senator listening to those comments knew they were untrue.

Remember this when you see other false, inflated and/or unbelievable statements by Moms Demand Action, Every Town, or any other Bloomberg plant. For all anyone knows, Kelly Burke may be a very nice, sweet lady caught up in a Bloomberg scheme of lies. Nevertheless, one must ask why would a Bloomberg shill provide false testimony under oath to a Senate Committee just to thwart expansion of Second Amendment rights? Come to think of it, that was a silly question.

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