Curtis S. Jenkins - NRA Board Member

curtis-jenkinsCurtis Jenkins is a current second term NRA Board member, serving on the Legislative Policy, Legal Affairs (Vice Chairman), and Finance Committees. He has been nominated by the NRA Nominating Committee for reelection.

Curtis is a relentless defender of the Second Amendment and a strict constitutionalist. He authored the nation’s first law prohibiting frivolous lawsuits against firearm manufacturers, versions of which were afterwards adopted by 33 states and Congress, with the federal version of the law being signed by President Bush in 2005. A member of the Georgia House of Representatives from 1989-2005 (100% NRA A+ rating), he served as Chairman of the House’s Special Judiciary Committee. He is a NRA legislative leadership award recipient.

Curtis is a NRA Benefactor member and has been a member since he was 13 years old. He is a hunter, shooter, and collector. As a former Boy Scout leader, he helped facilitate shooter training and led a Whittington Center trip for Scouts. Curtis is a NRA Certified Instructor – Rifle/Shotgun. He previously served as a member of the BOD – Georgia Wildlife Federation, member – Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus, President – Monroe County Sportsman’s Federation (organized competitive shooting, NSSF “Hunting & Fishing Day” events), and Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff. He is an honorary Life Member of the Georgia Sheriffs Association and is a member of GSSA, TSRA, CRPA, NYRPA, FCSA, DU, NWTF, and GWF. A referral attorney for both the NRA and the Police Benevolent Association, he is a member of the Individual Rights Section, the Legislative Advisory Committee, and the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia.

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  • Born 1949, Houston, Texas
  • Married 43 years; two sons, granddaughter, grandson
  • Successful civil trial attorney - Houston, Texas

Second Amendments Accomplishments:

  • Consulted with Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate sponsors of Texas' Concealed Handgun License (CHL) bills and related bills since1993 through 2017 Texas Legislative Session.
  • Testified in numerous public hearings in support of CHL, Castle Doctrine, Motorist Protection Act, Range Protection and other pro-gun legislation.
  • Played key role in drafting and passage of the Castle Doctrine Bill, Motorist Protection Act (a/k/a "car carry") Bill, Emergency Powers Bill preventing governmental entities from confiscating firearms during times of emergency, Range Protection Bill, "Fines for Signs" Bill, "open-carry" Bill, "Campus-Carry" Bill, as well as other legislation.
  • Written all or part of most pro-gun bills passed in Texas since 1993.
  • Second Amendment advocate as interviewee on television, radio talk shows and newspaper articles both before and after passage of Texas CHL statute.
  • Seminar speaker on Texas' CHL statute and Texas firearms laws and state constitutional protections.
  • Founder of, Texas Firearms Coalition, and Texas  Firearms Coalition Podcasts.

Other gun, shooting and hunting activities:

  • Competitive shooter, hunter and gun collector.
  • NRA Certified Instructor: Texas LTC Instructor
  • Multiple Thunder Ranch graduate: Defensive Pistol, Team Tactics (multiple times), General Purpose Rifle, Urban Rifle, Precision Rifle.
  • Ardent supporter of juniors' programs and Eddie Eagle Program.
  • Founder of Youth Action Pistol League (YAPL)

Info:  Charles L. Cotton

Current NRA Assignments

  • Audit Committee (Chairman)
  • Resolutions & By-Laws Committee (Vice-Chairman)
  • Legal Affairs Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Sport Shooting Committee (Vice-Chairman)
  • Pistol Committee (Vice-Chairman)
  • National Firearms Law Seminar Steering Committee
  • NRA Executive Committee

NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund

  • Member of the CRDF Board of Trustees

Prior Presidential Assignments:

  • President's Special Committee on Right to Carry
  • President's Task Force on NRA Police Nationals


  • NRA Benefactor Member
  • Life Member - Texas State Rifle Association
  • Unified Sportsmen of Florida
  • International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)

Other TFC Endorsements


curtis-jenkinsCurtis Jenkins an an attorney in Atlanta Georga and a current NRA Board Member and Member of  the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund.  Curtis is a former Member of the George House of Representatives who was known as ardent defender of the rights of gun owners under both the United States and Georgia Constitutions.

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  Graham HillGraham Hill is an attorney from Texas who has twenty-five years' legal experience in federal regulations and Congressional legislation.  This experienced allowed him to help improve interstate firearm transportation laws and federal land access.  Graham is also very active in helping disabled men and women learn to shoot for sporting and self-defense purposes.

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bill allen hoffmanWilliam H. "Bill" Allen is Chief Inspector in the Shelby County Tenessee Sheriff's Dept.  He has 41 years experience in law enforcement serving in virtually every Division on the Sheriff's Dept.  His experience is set out in the link below and it is clear that hunting, competitive shooting and support of the Second Amendment are in his blood.

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