SB273: Unenforceable 30.06 Signs

Creates a fine for the posting of unenforceable §30.06 signs by governmental entities and agencies.

Position on Bill: Support!

Senator Campbell has filed SB273 to address the ongoing problem of governmental entities and agencies posting Tex. Penal Code §30.06 signs on property that is not off-limits to Texas Concealed Handgun Licensees.  Thus, these signs are unenforceable.

SB273 does not reduce current governmental authority

It is important to note that SB273 applies only to unenforceable signs that are posted solely to intimidate CHL's into not carrying their self-defense handguns where it is perfectly legal to do so.  Signs can still be posted on areas that are statutorily off-limits, although doing so is not necessary, except for meetings of government entities.

The locations in Tex. Penal Code §§46.03 and 46.035 that are currently off-limits to CHLs will remain off-limits with the passage of SB273.  The only opposition to either of these bills must come from people and organizations that want to be able to continue intimidating law-abiding Texans and thumb their noses at clear Legislative intent.

Action Required:  Contact Committee Members and your Senator.

Please contact your Senator and respectfully ask him or her to "sign onto" SB273 as an "author."  Also contact each Member of the Senate State Affairs Committee and ask them to support SB273 without any amendments that are not acceptable to Sen. Campbell and to call for a vote on the Bill.  The fax number for each Senator is set out below.

Also write Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and respectfully ask him to make SB273 a priority Bill as he has promised to do.  In 2013, then-Senator Dan Patrick supported an amendment to HB508 that ultimately killed the Bill in the House.  HB508 was identical to SB273 and it has passed the House and Senate with virtually no opposition.  Remember, if a non-controversial Senate bill is a priority with the Lt. Gov., then it will not be stalled in a Senate committee controlled by members of his Party.

If SB273 does not get out of the Senate State Affairs Committee, it will be because Dan Patrick did not make its passage a priority.  

Contact Information:

Senate State Affairs Committee:

Sen. Joan Huffman - Chairman  - 512-463-0639
Sen. Rodney Ellis - Vice-Chairman - 512-463-0006
Sen. Brian Birdwell (a co-author of SB273) - 512-475-3729
Sen. Brandon Creighton - 512-463-6373
Sen. Craig Estes - 512-463-8874
Sen. Troy Fraser - 512-475-3732
Sen. Jane Nelson - 512-463-0923
Sen. Charles Schwertner - 512-463-5713
Sen. Judith Zaffirini - 512-475-3738

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick - 512-463-0677

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